PowerShares University

Invesco PowerShares continues "Leading the Intelligent ETF Revolution" through its new PowerShares University

The goal of PowerShares University is to offer our clients and investors meaningful insight into the world of ETFs through road show events, conference calls, research papers and a deep set of documentation, giving them privileged access to the ideas and developments of those leading this industry- Research Affiliates, Quantitative Services Group, ETF Consultants and more. To learn more about this opportunity today click on the White Papers below.

Current White Papers:

PowerShares Global Clean Energy Fund
Clean Technology: The Green Revolution (PDF)

PowerShares Global Listed Private Equity
Taking Private Equity Public – Opening Up a New Asset Class with ETFs (PDF)

Intelligent Exposure
The Power of Fundamentals (PDF)

Intelligent Index
The Power of Intelligent Indexation (PDF)



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