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Invesco PowerShares continues "Leading the Intelligent ETF Revolution" through its new PowerShares University

The goal of PowerShares University is to offer our clients and investors meaningful insight into the world of ETFs through road show events, conference calls, research papers and a deep set of documentation, giving them privileged access to the ideas and developments of those leading this industry- Research Affiliates, Quantitative Services Group, ETF Consultants and more. Start to take advantage of this opportunity today by clicking on the PowerShares University logo. Read more

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View product factsheet which includes pricing, performance, full holdings and more.


Latest News:

22/09/2014: Prospectus update - Read more (PDF)

19/09/2014: Dividend Announcement - Read more (PDF)

20/06/2014: Dividend Announcement - Read more (PDF)

21/03/2014: Dividend Announcement - Read more (PDF)

03/03/2014: Annual General Meeting - M&A - Read more (PDF)

21/02/2014: Appontment of Director - Read more (PDF)

17/02/2014: Stock Exchange announcement - Read more (PDF)

06/02/2014: Annual General Meeting - Read more (PDF)

27/01/2014: Stock Exchange announcement - Read more (PDF)

20/01/2014: Shareholder information - Read more (PDF)

30/12/2013: Closure of MENA fund - Read more (PDF)

23/12/2013: Dividend Annoucement - Read more (PDF)

20/09/2013: Dividend Annoucement - Read more (PDF)

21/06/2013: Dividend Annoucement - Read more (PDF)

15/03/2013: Dividend Annoucement - Read more (PDF)

31/01/2013: Annual general meeting - Read more (PDF)

14/11/2011: Extraordinary shareholders' meeting - Read more (PDF)

04/11/2011: Invesco PowerShares' Statement on MF Global - Read more (PDF)

28/10/2011: EuroMTS Cash 3 Months Fund - Shareholders notification - Read more (PDF)

17/02/2011 : Invesco PowerShares FTSE RAFI US 1000 : Morningstar's 5 star rating - Read more (pdf - french version) 

 7 /02/2011 : Our FTSE RAFI Brochure - January 2011: Click here  (french version)

05/01/2011: Invesco PowerShares developed swap capacity - Download (PDF)

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